Kelly’s musical story (and how she found the Cubs)

This year, we have plenty of new students, and some new faces on our staff as well! We talked with our new Uptown Academy Program Manager, Kelly Dennis, about her musical story and why she belongs at TPMS. TPMS: What is your musical story?  Kelly: I got involved in music when I was about 6. My … Continue reading Kelly’s musical story (and how she found the Cubs)


#YouBelongHere: Our Soundtrack to 2019!

For decades, The People’s Music School has been so much more than a place to learn music. First in Uptown, and now throughout the city, People’s has built a community like no other. It’s the reason hundreds of students (850 this year!) stay with us for an average of seven years before graduating to other … Continue reading #YouBelongHere: Our Soundtrack to 2019!


Here Comes the Sun

As The People’s Music School’s “chief storyteller” and one of the newest members of the staff, I am working to get up to speed on all things People’s. I started by reading the story of Rita Simo, the organization’s heralded and respected founder. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1935, she has a long and … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun