Supporter Spotlight: Izzy Yellen

Today we’re spotlighting Chicago musician and writer Izzy Yellen, who is donating all proceeds from his latest album to The People’s Music School! Read on to learn about Izzy’s album making process, what brought him to People’s, and the advice he has for younger musicians looking to compose music of their own.


“Dear Future Students of The People’s Music School…”

With years and years of experience under their belts, our older students are now ready to pass on this knowledge–written in the most heartwarming way possible–to the future students of The People’s Music School. Read on to hear their words of wisdom (and get inspired yourself)!


The People’s Music School on Arts Engines

With all that’s going on this year, we’re more proud than ever when our People’s staff and faculty are consistently recognized as thought leaders and game-changers within the field of arts education. This time, our very own Natalie Butler, the Dean of Learning and Teaching, was recently interviewed in an episode of Arts Engines with Aaron Dworkin!