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If students meet the requirements listed below, they do not have to stand in line to register at the beginning of each school year. These policies and requirements are elaborated on further in our student handbook.

Download the Requirements Handbook Here


In order to maintain student privilege, each student is asked to commit to the following:

● Demonstrate development in his/her musical studies
● Attend weekly music theory classes
● Attend weekly group or private instrument lessons
● Attend weekly ensemble class
● Attend at least one Repertory Class per semester (students in Theory G or higher only)
● Participate in juries
● Participate in end of session student concert and rehearsals
● Adhere to the attendance policy


Each students parent(s) are additionally asked to commit the following:

● Completing 8 hrs of volunteer work each semester/ child enrolled
● Participating in fundraising
● Observation of Theory Classes and Lessons