Virtual Performapaloozathon!


Watch our school-wide virtual showcase finale!

From 800+ homes across the city… it’s our annual Performapaloozathon event (virtual edition)!

It’s #ANewWorld of challenge and hardship. But that hasn’t stopped our students and teachers from working harder than ever. Music and the ability to express, to partake in beauty, to be a part of something greater, to feel worthy – these are not discretionary for us, and our mission feels more important than ever.

Thank you to all who joined in our triumphant Performapaloozathon celebration, cheered our students on as they performed over 20 virtual concerts over 7 days, and tuned in for our amazing virtual showcase finale on June 21. On behalf of our staff, faculty, students, and families, thank you for being a part of our community through thick and thin, in person and online!

Special thanks to our generous sponsors: 


The Athena Fund
CAST Water Safety Foundation
The Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
Lavin Family Foundation


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All performances on Facebook Live

MAY 26:

6 – 7 PM: Greater South Side Concert

7 – 8 PM: “Strings + Things”: Students of Ewa Sarota-Raczek and Emily Munn-Wood (AP strings and UA cello)

8 – 9 PM: “Plink, Plank, Plunk”: Students of Hannah Whitehouse, Bethany McKnight, Carolyn Sybesma and Simon Gomez (UA violin, piano and UA/AP percussion)

MAY 27:

6 – 7 PM: Back of the Yards Concert

6 – 7 PM: “Around the Horn”: Students of Renée Vogen (UA and AP horn)

8 – 9 PM: “Passion Flute”: Students of Sandra Rowland (UA flute)

MAY 28:

6 – 7 PM: “Fiddlin’ Around”: Students of Corina Santos and Felipe Tobar (AP, SLAM and UA strings)

7 – 8 PM: “Sticks + Kicks” : Students of Sarah Christianson and Benjy Krauss (UA, AP Percussion) 

8 – 9 PM:  “For They’re a Jolly Good Cello”: Students of Claire Bachman (UA cellists)

MAY 29:

6 – 7 PM:  “Extra, Extra, Reed All About It”: Students of Megan Robbins, Allison Rye, Mika Allison, Ben Roidl-Ward (AP, SLAM, UA, BOTY double reeds)

6 – 7 PM: “Highs + Lows”: Students of Jakob Heineman and Anna Carlson (AP Bass and UA Violin)

7 – 8 PM: “Cello Forever”: Cello students from AP, SLAM, UA

8 – 9 PM: “Right Hand, Left Hand, One Foot, No Foot”: Students of Jaime McCool and Beth Peachey (UA Piano)

MAY 30:

12 PM – 1 PM: “Slide Grease Lightning”: Students of Euan Edmonds (UA, AP Trombone)

1 PM – 2PM: “Earth, Winds + Higher”: Students of Ryan Zerna, Brandon Donnelly, Sam Pilnick, Eric Hines (BOTY/GSS flute, percussion, trumpet and UA sax)

2 – 3 PM: “Let’s B-flat Together”: Students of Krystal Miranda and Kelly Dennis (UA Clarinet and SLAM/UA Trumpet)

4 – 5 PM: “Intonation Sensation”: Students of Stephanie Londoño Alvarado and Kaitlin Foley (UA/SLAM Voice)

MAY 31:

12 PM – 1 PM: “Pizzicato Portato”: Students of Jessica Lipon (UA/AP/SLAM Viola)

1 PM – 2 PM: “Bows + Beats”: Students of Dominique Louis and Istvan Loga (AP/SLAM/UA chamber groups and percussion)

2 PM – 3 PM: “No Frets Without Regrets”: Students of Corie Schofield Eliason (UA/SLAM Violin and Viola)

JUNE 21:

3 PM – 4PM: Our uplifting, school-wide Virtual Showcase!