We are grateful for the following donors, who have generously supported our mission and programs since September 1, 2018. 


Caerus Foundation
Marjorie Pelino
Reva and David Logan Foundation
The Buck Family Foundation
The Ephraim Family
The Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Alphawood Foundation
Country Music Association Foundation
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Perry Family Charitable Foundation
Richard and Elaine Tinberg
The Crown Family
The Lavin Bernick Huber Charitable Fund
The MacArthur Fund for Arts & Culture at Prince Charitable Trusts
The Negaunee Foundation
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Dan J. Epstein Family Foundation
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Takumi and Jennifer Matsuzawa
The Polk Bros. Foundation
Peter Sheren and June Tan

$10,000 – $24,999

Alexander Kogan and Uma Chandrasekaran
Andy and Lina Bankert
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Ashley and Jennifer Keller
Charles E. Erb Foundation
D’Addario Foundation
Doug and Barbara Anderson
Ellen and Matt Feldman
Goldman Sachs
Hinsdale Junior Women’s Club
Jam Productions, Ltd.
Jamie Cleghorn and Heather Treadway
Jason Klein
Jonathan and Katy Kletzel
Kiphart Family Foundation
Leighton-Oare Foundation, Inc.
Michael Buck and Debbie Lee
Noam Frankel and Laura Sova
North Park University
Penne and John Silverman
Robert U. and Roberta Goldman Family Foundation
Sanjiv Gajiwala and Chrissy Bouyea
Sonya and David Miller
The Hamels Foundation
The Judy Family Foundation
The Pauls Foundation
The Siragusa Family Foundation
The Yellow Chair Foundation
Tracy Sefl and Darius Tandon
Wheatland Tube

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Abby and Jonathan Levine
City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
Frank Reid and Amparo Maya
Gary Kaufman
Gregory and Rebecca Dekker
Howard Tarko and Darlene Dartt
Jeff and Laura Haxer
Kevin Preloger and Katherine Buck
KRD – Accounts, Consultants & Advisors
Lizzie and Beau Davis
Mark and Regina Affolter
Marlo Gaal
Orlebeke Foundation
Scott and Carrie Palmer
Steven Shaw
Stuart and Susan Handler
The Athena Fund
The Chicago Community Trust
The Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund

$2,500 – $4,999

Aaron and Cecy Van Getson
Adam Najberg
American Hospital Association
Ann Wallis
Anne Salomon and Nathaniel Inglis-Steinfeld
Bill and Monica Hughson
Brian Spillane and Jennifer Glaspie
Elizabeth Wirth
Emanuel and Anna Weinstein Foundation
Gallup Organization
Ian McIntosh and Michelle Berger
Jim and Cindy Pinkerton
Jim Hart
Keith and Betsy Colburn
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Liz and Dan Huber
Make it Better
Natalie Butler / Audley Butler and Family
Northern Trust
Pam and Steve Caine
Reedy Simons Family Philanthropic Fund
Robert and Lynn Lipman
Sarah Kammerer and Adam Hitchcock
Steve and Shiloh Raquet
Steven and Vivian Thomas
Winkel Family Donor Advised Fund
Wintrust Financial Bank
Zeisler Family Foundation

$1,000 – $2,499

Aaron Lebovitz and Donna Myers
Al and Diana Esquivel
Alex and Ginger DeAraujo
Andrew and Jill Gluck
Associated Chamber Music Players
Bernard Loyd and Denise Lewin Loyd
Betsey Delaney
Betty Angelos
Chicago Youth Centers
Christine Grant
Cici Zheng
Courtney Sherrer
Dan Dal Degan
Daniel Malnar
David and Lynn Kelso
Dianne Tesler
Discover Financial Services
Doug and Jamie Secord
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Evans Family Charitable Fund
Fidelity Charitable
Greg Buchholz
Irving Harris Foundation
Jane Beatty and Gene Prokuski
Jim Hays
Joe and Hope Popa
John Eiting and Kelsi Crow
Joshua and Amy Carson
Judy and Scott McCue Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Lake View Musical Society
Latkin Family Foundation
Lee Plasier
Leslie Fund, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.
Lois A. Scott and David R. May Charitable Fund
Lori Julian
MacArthur Foundation
Mark and Alli Henry
Mark Nasr and Kieran Shanahan Nasr
Markel Corporation
Mary Knight
Michael and Laura Hassan
Michael H. Wasserman, P.C.
Mike and Natalie Luce
Music For Life Alliance
Network for Good
Newport Festivals Foundation
Rita Simo and Tomas Bissonnette
Rob and Louisa Kunzler
Robert and Cathy Davis
Robert and Isabel Curley
Sagalyn Family Fund
Sargent Family Foundation
Schneider Electric
Scott and Nichole Humphrey
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Sharon and Johnie Butler
Suzy Lynde Strauss
Tara Raghavan
The David and Lisette Eisendrath Foundation
The Joseph Valenti Jr. Family Foundation
The Macakanja Family
The Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation
The Thomas and Cheryl Palfrey Gift Fund
The van Swaay Charitable Foundation
Todd and Maureen Powell
Tom Trulis
Tyson and Leslie Cornell
Umphrey’s McGee
University of Chicago
William Blair
Woodie Bennett and Bill Gerstein

$500 – $999

Anonymous (2)
Abstract Management
Ackley-Salvatierra Charitable Giving Fund
Alice and George McKann
Alper Services
Amy Tsuei
Ann Cunniff
Anne Marie Evans
ARIA Foundation
Art Hill and Rosario Badillo
BeatMix Music
Ben Olien
Benjamin Levy
Betsy Hoover and Jeremy Bird
Bill and Cheri Hitchcock
Brant Taylor
Bruce and Diane Nesbitt
Charles and Hillary Coustan
Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights
Chip Mahan
Chris and Amanda Austin
Clareo Partners
Clareo Partners LLC
Colette Brown-Graham
Darnell and Joy Crenshaw
Dennis Jordahl and Teresa Hagan
Diane Sakai-Furuta
Farissa and Lerry Knox
Harry Kammerer
Health Care Service Corporation
Heather Bollinger
Hernandes and Dedra Ries
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation
Jack and Kaitlin Lowey
Jake and Tasha Downing
James and Elinor Getz
Jane Hirt
Jason and Elsa Shalaveyus
Jean Chidley
Jeanne Martineau
Jeffrey Richards and Belinda Copeland
Jen Huang
Jennifer Farkas
Jerry and Mary Post
Jill and Scott Seltzer
Joel C. Tillinghast
John and Mary Manley
John and Shelly Hetner
Karen McGirr
Kate Attea and Kyle Barnett
Kevin Lusk
Kristie Denman
Kyle and Allegis Sant
Kyle and Danielle Nakatsuji
Leo Zhu
Leslie Anderson
Linda Leety
Los Globos
Mahdi Hemingway
Maria and Erik Sorensen
Mark and Claudia Esper
Matt Tully
Matthew and Michelle Becker
Michael and Mary Woolever
Michael and Sheila Oliver
Miles Hommel
Mira Lee
North River Commission
Patrick Croke
Patty and Mark McGrath
Paul Schissler and Wilma David
Paula Kahn
Penelope Sachs
Perri and Michael Schneider
Perrin and Alanna Rynders
Peter and Natasha Bowen
Peter DiCola and Kate Brucher
Prudential Foundation
Rafal and Jolanta Pamula
Ramon and Loida Matanguihan
Ray Falk
Richard Griffin and Susan Keane
Ring Family Foundation
Rod and Maggie Rock
Sarah Grady
Scott and Angelica Ahlman
Scott Dreyer
Shirley Gold
Stephanie Szymanski
Stephen and Mary Baeten Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Steve and Rachel Hueffner
Steven Choe
Ted Naron
Teresa Hernando and Juan-Carlos Brugue
The Berghorst Foundation
The Daniel and Genevieve Ratner Foundation
The Sloan Family
Thomas Kalantzis and Violeta Jimenez
Tom Koutsouvas and Renee Sotos
Tyler Jordan
Victor and Christine Forman
Walter and Mary Beth Buck
Will Family
William Mason and Diana Davis
Yong and Shin Lee
Young and Catherine Kim

$1 – $499

Anonymous (4)
Aaron and Odalis Fitzpatrick
AbbVie Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
Abby Adair
Adam Anderson
Aderemi and Demetria Adekola
Adrian Esquivel and Ellen Johnson
Adrian Rice
Adrienne Voltaggio
Aileen Laracuente
Alan and Barbara Newman
Alan Pierson
Alejandro Sigala
Alemayehu Geda
Alex Myers
Alex Paredes and Yolanda Frontany
Alex Skozen
Alexa Salinas
Alexander Baykov and Iva Yovcheva
Alfonzo Howard
Alicia Carlisle Price
Alix Salomon and Janice Ducksworth
Aljay Randall
Allen Gabor
Allen Johnson
Allison Block
Allison Hickey
Allison Reid
Allison Rye
Amanda Loerch
Ami Gandhi
Amy Fernandez
Amy Shannon
Amy Shannon
Amy Swanson
Ana Camargo
Ana Trujillo
Anastasia Radaios
Andrea and Paul Fitzgerald
Andrew Bentivoglio
Andrew Maingot
Andrew Rich
Andrew Suitter
Angela Myers
Ann and Pat Quinn
Ann Cole
Ann Kelley
Ann Murray
Anna Forsberg
Anna Solitaire Miles
Anna Trusty
Anne Cunningham
Anthony Marsella
Arlen and Kristine Wiley
Arlene Bartolino
Arletha and William C. Brown
Arvind Reddy
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Okonta-Mathews
Aster Solomon Abraha
Aster Solomon Abraha
Aundrea Graver
Aura Harris
Barbara Brooks
Barbara Holland
Barbara Rudolph
Ben Olien
Bernadette Litton
Bernard and Sally Dobroski
Bernette Jaffe
Bertina Thomas
Beth and Jeffrey Mendel
Betsy Jacobson
Beverly Moor
Bill Hassett
Bill Runowski
Binh Quach
Bo Brown
Bo Wheeler
Brandon Harding
Brenda Benitez
Brett and Irris Boaz
Brian and Lien Boland
Brian Chang
Briana Eames
Brianna Kelly
Bruce and Briannah Cook
Bruce Caris
Caitlin Hutchison
Caitlin Kelly
Caitlyn Gaffney
Cameron Amyot
Carina Rodelo
Carl and Jean Johnson
Carl and Joyce Sefl
Carlos and Blanca Plazas
Carole Deeter
Caroline Gullion
Carolyn Sybesma and Alistair Porter
Chad and Maheen Cleaver
Charles Capwell
Charles Fortney
Charles McCaleb
Charles Wildt
Cherise Vassar
Cheryl Crockett
Cheryl Haack
Cheryl Oneil-Nalls
Chimere Harmon
Chiquita Shed
Chris Cox
Chris Davey
Chris Webb
Chris Wells
Christina Myers and James Rank
Christine Sneed
Christopher and Julie Kane
Christopher Andersen
Christy Uchida
Cindy Englan Wentz
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Claudia Herrera
Clean Guaranteed
Colleen Peck
Colleen Tambornino
Collins Family Foundation
Colton Calandrella
Connie Lewis
Corie Schofield
Corinne Wimmer
Cowen & Company
Craig and Martha Peters
Culver Family
Cynthia and Cyrus Di
Cynthia Condotti
Dan and Daphne Frank
Dan Kubik
Dan Malnar
Daniel and Jazel Morriss
Daniel Gonzales
Dariusz and Beata Smyla
David Adams
David and Tina Herpe
David Maday
David Spitulnik and Diana Cohen
David York
Davis EyeCare Associates
Debbie Buesing
Dennie Wolf
Derrick Mitchell
Devin Daly
Diana Bautista
Diana Farias
Diane and Ira Moshman
Diane Klein
Dinesh Raveendran
Domonique Battle
Donald and Sandra Tieken
Donnie and Anna Biggins
Dori Gorman
Doris Doerksen
Dorit and Gerald Paul
Doug and Sue Haas
Doug Tillman
Drew Leety
Driehaus Capital Management LLC
Ed and Elaine Pierson
Edward Adams
Edward Kluender
Edward Zaccari
Eleanor Manabat
Eleni Blanaru
Elizabeth Ann Press
Elizabeth Blalack
Elizabeth Brill
Elizabeth Greiwe
Elizabeth Mabrey
Elizabeth Metz
Elizabeth Yanny-Tillar
Elliot Ransom
Eloise Paul and Bill Lee
Emily Kerski
Eric Benitez
Eric Johanson and John Potter
Eric Rudkin
Erik Leon
Erika Goldsborough
Erin Flynn
Erin Rein
Erin Teater
Esther Joy Schwartz
Esther Rosario
Ethan Friedman
Ethan T. Morrison
Ethan Thomas
Ethylee Hetner
Eugene Rogers
Eunice Holz
Eva Parrucci
Ewa Piotrowska
Farah Gupta
Felicia Konaszewski
First Bank of Highland Park
Flores Javier
Floyd Strimling
Frank Catalano
Gabriel and Patricia Fuentes
Gabriella Gergely
Gail Fisher
Garth and Dorina Liebhaber
Gary and Laurita Barnes
Gary Cohen and Debra Nesselson Cohen
George and Michilla Blaise
George Johnson and Milene Henley
George Pritkzer
Georgeanna Farr
German Criollo and Brenda Remess
Gilberto Marcha
Gloria Oden
Grace Fill
Grace Moore Assoc., Inc.
Greg and Lois Basil
Gregory Gerrard
Gregory Waters
Hannane Hanafi
Hans and Fumiko Jensen
Harry Heller
Heidi Stirling
Helen Chen
Hillane Joehl
Hinda Goodstein
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
Iain and Elizabeth Johnston
Ian Olson
Ikechi Ihemeson
Ilene Hopkins
Illumina Foundation
J. J. Keller Foundation, Inc.
J. Scott and Dorothy Beatty
Jacinta Ann Warnie
Jacob Farber
Jacobo Camarena and Rosalinda Garcia
Jacqueline Tilles
Jake and Helena Edie
Jake and Lindsay Proctor
James Ginsburg and Patrice Michaels Charitable Fund
Jamison Citron
Jan Feldman
Jane Gonnerman
Jane Musgrave
Janet Wolter-Grip
Janice Hurley
Janice Sansolo
Jason and Renee Davis
Jason Hanchar
Jason Knoespel
Javid Iqbal
Jeanell Blockson
Jeff Cummings
Jeffery Kleinsorge
Jeffrey and Ellen Gilbert
Jeffrey and Jill Cole
Jeffrey and Marcey Mandell
Jeffrey Glenn
Jeffrey James
Jen Fout
Jennifer Nacht
Jennifer Simczak Anderson
Jeremy and Raleigh Decker
Jessica Alvelo
Jessica Mann
Jessica Smith
Jesus and Florence Esteves
Jill Noeh
Jim Moore
Joan Gottschall
Joan Myers
Joan Riemer
Joanne Trestrail
Jodi Speiser
Joel and Heidi Derstine
Joel and Pam Johnson
Jogesh and Smitha Chandran
John Alongi and Allison Engel
John and Julie McLandsborough
John and Phyllis Eichenseer
John and Susan Wilson
John Chen
John De Groot
John Dorgan
John Schachter
John Wilcox
Jon and Katie Glick
Jon Criswell
Jonathan McCormick
Jorge and Gloria Bautista
Jorge and Laura Rico
Jose and Blanca Angel
Jose Javier
Joseph Ringle
Joseph Wright
Josh and Megan Crist
Josh Mitzen
Joy Landan
Joyce Amici
Joyce Knox
JTD Fund
Juan and Zoraida Rios
Judith Aronson
Julia Joehl
Julia Moore
Juliana Gonzalez-Crussi
Julie Ohern
Junior Hernandez Calix
Kacie Bluhm
Kaitlyn Erickson
Kamal and Laura Talukder
Karen Schneidman
Kate Friesen
Katherine Deimer
Kathryn Dahl
Kathryn Hill
Kathy Wiseman
Katie and Sebastian Gonzalez
Katie and Tom Burmeister
Katie Spieth
Kayla DeSouza
Keith Bjorklund
Kelsey Grover
Kelsey Seegers
Kemper Florin
Ken Litton
Kendall Dowsett
Kent Green
Kenyatta Young
Kevin Connolly
Kevin Levonyak
Kevin McElhaney
Kevin Nealis
Kevin O’Shea
Kimberly Brun
Kimberly Jones
Kirsten Schmitz
Krista Taylor
Kristen Field
Kristen Glomb
Kristin Jaburek
Krystal Miranda
La Sandra Jenkins
Lani Knight
Laura Mishlove
Laura Perkett
Laura Popovics
Laurel Hensel
Lauren Perry
Lauren Schwartze
Lauri Macklin
Laurie Spear
Lawson Smith
Leala Avdich
Lee Diamandakis
Lee Glenna
Leia Lensing
Leigh Pollak
Leo Schlosberg
Leora Arsers
Lesley Kiferbaum
Leslie Buck
Liam Krehbiel
Ligaya Montealegre
Linda Fischer
Linda Irwin
Lindsay Verstegen
Lindsey Foreman
Lindsey Womack
Lisa Jensen and Christopher Abbott
Lisa Salvatore
Lonnie Stonitsch
Lorelai Collins
Lori Waterhouse
Lori Wellman
Lorraine and William Worley
Lucille Wilcox
Luis and Lani Bermudez
Luke Dybicz
Luvismin Lim
Lyon Leifer
M.J. Jiaris
Mahvash Tandon
Mandy Bu
Mara Crestani
Marc Gold and Alison Paul
Marcia Flick
Marcial Benitez and Paola Alvorado
Marcus Leonard
Margarita Arvizu
Margeaux Wolberg
Maria Bocanegra
Maria Valdez
Maria Vargas
Marian Hillebrand
Maribeth Nesbitt and Manuel De Para
Marion Prins
Maripaz Cortes
Mark and Kathleen Hytros
Mark Breneman
Mark Litton
Mark Mattson
Mark Swanson and Nancy Pifer
Mark Traxler
Marlene Iser
Marni Levine
Marshall Lindsey and Melissa White
Martin and Eileen Perdoux
Martin Kehe
Martin Perry and Barbara Williams
Mary Beth LeMay
Mary Johnson
Mary Laird
Mary Senn
Maryann Watson
Mason Family Fund
Matt and Rashmi Swanson
Matthew and Lindsay Dowling
Matthew and Tanya Beal
Matthew Farmer
Matthew Gryll
Matthew O’Reilly
Matthew Primack and Abigayil Joseph
Matthew Purner
Maura Kelly
Megan Eicker
Melanie Brown
Melinda Hanzlik
Melissa Megliola
Mia Madrigal
Michael Aragon and Rebeca Yepez
Michael Bolton and Susan Cox
Michael Caldwell
Michael Kammerer
Michael Nemes
Michael Savage
Michael Sirota and Bobbie Levinson-Sirota
Michael Spencer
Michael Wasiukiewicz
Michele Curley
Michelle Morales
Mikal Sutherlin
Mike and Nancy Glass
Miriam Ochoa
Miriam Ortuzar
Monika Lotter
Moses Lee
Ms. Mary O’Connell
Murray Leety
Myra Caraway
MyWhy Agency, Inc.
Nancy Daikumachi
Nancy Dunn
Nancy Ying
Natalie Bookey-Baker
Natalie Edwards
Natalie Kaufman
Nate Goddard
Nathan Schulz
Nayhely Curiel
Nicholas Frank
Nicholas Mata
Nick Powers
Nicki Anselmo
Nikki Nardick
Nikkola Labaschin
Norma Van Der Meulen
Oliva Elizabeth Monreal Gonzalez
Oliver Chen
Orbert Davis
Oscar Chacon
Ovation Press Ltd.
Pamela Babington
Pamela Hoxsey
Patricia Hardina
Patrick Hernandez
Paul and Mary Hettich
Paul and Rosalie Greenberger
Paul Buchanan
Paul Francuch
Paul Wargaski Violins
Paul Wiltberger
Paul Zafer and Betty Lewis
Paula Marks
Pedro Rodriguez
Petal Harris
Pete Pagan
Peter and Lucy Ascoli
Peter Baillos
Peter Schoedel
Peter Seman
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia – Iota Chapter
Philip and Gaye Kenny
Phillip Adams
Philomene Tayewo
Phuong Nguyen and Hue Vu
Pippa White and Avery Goldman
Prakash Vijayan
R. Lee Gardy, Jr. and Catherine A. Cook
Rachael Allen
Rachel Cade
Rachel Jantke
Rachel Ramirez
Ralph and Marta Nicholas
Raul and Gloria Venzon
Raymond Yee
Reagan Airey
Rebecca Shive
Rena Henderson Mason
Rhonda Tullis
Richard Bonnabeau
Richard Hernandez
Richard Schlattmann
Richard Thies
Rick and Jodi Ringle
Rickey Layfield
Ricky Max
Rina Hoshino
Rob Haack
Robby Lane
Robert and Nancy Hostetter
Robert Frech and Gail Katz
Robert Kurinsky
Robert Langdon
Robert Lehman
Robert Perry
Roberts Davies
Robyn Przybylski
Rodolfo and Maria Isabel Benitez
Roger and Dolores Flaherty
Ronald Ahlman
Ronnie Horowitz
Rose Tambornino
Rossman Palfrey and Megan Robbins
Roy and Sara White
Roz Skozen
Ruthie Wilson
Ryan and Elyse Gac
Ryan and Liz Finnamore
Ryan Boggs
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Lowery
Sabrina Wiggins & Family
Sakinah Kelly
Sallie and James Warden
Sam Hansen
Samuel and Arcille Williams
Sandra Kwasa
Sara Jurack
Sarah Adams
Sarah Bennett
Sarah Jaffe
Sarah Wills
Scott and Jean Signorelli
Scott and Jill Baskin
Scott Scharf
Shakee Hitik
Shantih Clemans
Sharan Douglas
Sharon and Russell Weissenhofer
Sharon Nakama
Shavonne Hopes
Shayne Family Philanthropic Fund
Sheila Finnegan and Kenneth Spychala
Sheila Joyce Verkamp
Shelly Lummus
Shuk Mah and Jacky Chicknguan Mah
Sid Murali
Sigma Alpha Iota Beta Chapter
Smita Jain
Sona Jones
Sonali Salgado
Sonia Velasco
Sruti Bharat
Ssebunya Kasule and Maxensia Lwanga
St. Sabina Armorbearer Ministry
Stacy Shedivy
Stephanie Klotter
Stephanie Stiles
Stephen and Teresa Laslo
Stephen Buck
Steven and Susan Gold
Susan Abelson
Susan and Stan Bedows
Susan Hammack
Susan Robbins
Suzanne McKenna
Suzanne Strater
Sylvia Morrow
Tad and Anna Miczek
Tami and Wilfred Nwankwo
Tammy Ammon
Tara Bonanno
Tatum Scarpato
Ted Cronin
Teela Burrus
Teresa Salgado
Terisa Griffin
Terry Cornick and Page Kepper
Terry Palmer
Tess Nashed
The Pirottes
Thelma O’Neill and Cheryl O’Neill Nalls
Theresa Pham
Thomas and Jeanny Park
Thomas and Maxine Hagan
Thomas Ansen-Wilson
Thomas Seftenberg
Tiara Porter
Tim and Linda Henry
Tim Berg
Timothy Williams
Toni Hartrich
Toni Marie Lang
Topel Forman
Tracy Valentino
Trevor Bush
Tristan Zemtseff
Troy Frederick
Vanessa Bonilla
Vanessa Vega
Venice Hendricks
Vicki Dunn
Virginia Byrne
Vivian Soto
Walter and Deirdre Johnson
Walter and Loretta Polsky
Warren Kmiec
Weisman Family Foundation
William and Melissa Zimmerman
William Clary and Mary Sebahar
William Graddy
William McCue
Yani Sheng
Yodit Argaw
Yolanda Thurman
Yoshie Schrank
Yousif Banna
YuMin Cui