The People’s Music School envisions a society where all children have access to the unique social, emotional, intellectual benefits achieved through musical excellence. We believe music is transformative and empowers the lives of youth, families and communities.


Our mission is to deliver access to the benefits of high-quality, tuition-free music education. Through intensive instruction and performance, our students achieve excellence in music that transfers to other areas in life. They grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience and purpose.


We Provide Opportunity
Access to the benefits of music, regardless of socio-economic status or previous training.

We Cultivate Excellence
High musical achievements reflected in all areas of life

We Work Hard
Focus, discipline and resilience required in everything we do

We Nurture Creativity
Innovative problem-solving sparks critical thinking

We Embody Community
Resourceful, diverse, welcoming community fully invested in common purpose.