We’re not just teaching music

We are teaching young minds how to think, how to problem solve, how to collaborate through music. The People’s Music School is the only completely free music school serving Chicago metropolitan area children. We set high expectations for all students. We deliver a rigorous curriculum that demands musical and behavioral excellence. And we root all of this in a strong culture of support.

Excellence achieved in music transfers to other areas of life. Research shows that intensive music education leads to higher graduation rates, higher salaries, higher rates of voting and volunteering, lower rates of crime, and more. We are not only inspiring young minds to experience the joy of music. We are transforming lives!

The Impact of Arts Education

Proven, research-based benefits of music:


more likely to complete college


less likely to drop out of school


more likely to have gainful employment


more likely
to vote

Get Involved

There are many ways you can connect with the mission of The People’s Music School.