Service, Leadership, and Mentorship Program

Our Service, Leadership and Mentorship program (SLAM) was launched in 2015 to give advanced, older students the opportunity to build on their skills of discipline, teamwork, critical thinking and self-assurance and apply them as they face new challenges. SLAM students participate in chamber music groups, complete required service hours for high school and mentor younger TPMS students. They also receive guidance from adult mentors and staff as they transition from students to alumni and prepare for bright futures ahead.



Who is eligible to participate in SLAM?

Our Service Leadership and Mentorship program (SLAM) is specially designed for advanced students ages 13-18 years old. SLAM takes older students to the next level and provides younger ones with a goal to aspire towards. Eligible students are accepted to SLAM based on their jury scores, curriculum level, and teacher recommendation.


Student Mentors

SLAM meets for five hours every Saturday and eligible students participate in the program in addition to their regular curriculum requirements. With SLAM, students can obtain required service hours for high school through volunteering, grow as leaders through the unique challenges of chamber music, and mentor a younger TPMS student.


Adult Mentors

SLAM students are also paired with an adult mentor who supports them through high school placement and college applications, and we partner with local college prep organization Bottom Line to provide additional, targeted college application support. These opportunities help our SLAM students grow as leaders while shaping the next generation of TPMS students.


Summer Ambassador Program

Our SLAM Summer Ambassador program provides students with the chance to travel the world as members of renowned music festivals. We guide students through the application process and award them with scholarships each year. Our Summer Ambassadors agree to set a positive example as TPMS representatives and share what they learned through their experience abroad. Students have attended programs including Interlochen, Carnegie Hall’s NYO2 and the L.A. Philharmonic’s National Youth Orchestra (NTASF).



Interested in getting involved? Find out how to become a SLAM mentor.