We are grateful for the following donors, who have generously supported our mission and programs. (as of January, 2022).


Caerus Foundation
Marjorie Pelino
The Reva and David Logan Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Dan and Susie Ephraim
Quest Foundation
The Buck Family Foundation
The Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation
The Lavin Bernick Huber Charitable Fund
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
2022 CZI Community Fund

$25,000 – $49,999

Anonymous (2)
Illinois Arts Council Agency
John W. Rogers, Jr.
Perry Family Charitable Foundation
Ravenswood Education Foundation
Richard and Elaine Tinberg
The Crown Family
The Polk Bros. Foundation
The Lohengrin Foundation
John Rogers
Alphawood Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Aaron and Cecy Van Getson
Andrew and Jill Gluck
Andy and Lina Bankert
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Bernard Loyd and Denise Lewin Loyd
Charles E. Erb Foundation
Ellen and Matt Feldman
Jamie Cleghorn and Heather Treadway
Jonathan and Katy Kletzel
Kiphart Family Foundation
Michael Buck and Debbie Lee
Noam Frankel
Penne and John Silverman
Sanjiv and Chrissy Gajiwala
Takumi and Jennifer Matsuzawa
The Orlebeke Foundation
The Seabury Foundation
The Siragusa Family Foundation
Tracy Sefl and Darius Tandon
Umphrey’s McGee
Wheatland Tube
Yukari and Greg Pass
The Judy Family Foundation
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Kiarash Javanmardian
The Feldman Family Charitable Fund

$5,000 – $9,999

Alexander Kogan and Uma Chandrasekaran
Christine K. Thompson Revocable Trust
Clarence and Regena Carson
Cowen & Company
D’Addario Foundation
Daniel Webster-Clark
Evans Family Charitable Fund
Gabriel’s Light
Goldman Sachs
Jason Klein
Jim Blackburn
Kornel Simons and Coleen Reedy
Leighton-Oare Foundation, Inc.
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Lori Julian
Mark Nasr and Kieran Shanahan Nasr
Matt McCormick
Nalini Kotamraju
Peter Sheren and June Tan
Rebecca Kutchins Fund
Robert U. and Roberta Goldman Family Foundation
Sarah Gibbs
Sonya and David Miller
Stephanie and Michael Macakanja
Steve and Lori Shaw
Steve and Shiloh Raquet
Sue and Bruce Gottschall
The Athena Fund

$2,500 – $4,999

Abby and Jonathan Levine
Bank of America
Family Wallis-Whitehead
Jacob Fisher
James G. Hart Foundation
John Eiting and Kelsi Crow
Kemper and Todd Florin
Marin Community Foundation
Mark Affolter
Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust
Northern Trust
Steven and Julie Lopez
The Katherine Buck and Kevin Preloger Fund
Tracy Bolger
Wintrust Financial Bank


*This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

Rita Simó
Memorial Gift

Adena Staben
Allison Abner
Amy Schweikart
Anonymous (3)
Aseem Nambiar
Bill and Tuula Tadevich
Bob and Jean Shamo
Bonnie H. Hagengruber
Charles Ashby Lewis and Penny Bender Sebring
Charles Green
Colleen Leahy
Dmitry Selin
Elaine Cerny
Elba Aranda-Suh
Elizabeth Yanny-Tillar
Greg Cameron
Gregory Redfeairn
Helena Plaminek
Helene and Aaron Paris
Irving Harris Foundation
Jacqueline Tilles
James Fahey
Josephine and David Hanson
Josh deVries
Judy and Scott McCue Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Karen Collins
Karen Egerer
Karen McGirr
Kathrene Wales
Kathy Schrock
KC Conway
Kemper and Todd Florin
Kuang-Hao Huang
Lake View Musical Society
Learner Family Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Maria Balducci
Marilynn Bishop
Melanie Eckner
Michelle Mancias
Nancy Artz
Nancy Kaszak
Pamela Bondy
Rena Henderson Mason
Richard and Maria Ciesla
Saundra Castaneda
Stephanie Londono
Sue Adams
Susan Lynch
Thomas Lenz
Warren Kmiec