The People’s Music School on Arts Engines

With all that’s going on this year, we’re more proud than ever when our People’s staff and faculty are recognized as thought leaders and game-changers within the field of arts education. This time, our very own Natalie Butler, the Dean of Learning and Teaching, was recently interviewed in an episode of Arts Engines with Aaron Dworkin!

What is Arts Engines?

Here’s a blurb from their website:

“In partnership with Detroit Public Television, Arts Engines utilizes Zoom interviews with guests that are then distributed and broadcast through both digital and broadcast mediums. The show seeks to share the most valuable advice and input from arts administrators who tell their stories of creative problem-solving, policy, economic impact, crisis management and empowering the future of our field. Arts Engines seeks to inspire, share, empower, challenge and connect our diverse audiences with the most important leaders in our field.

Arts Engines media partners also include Ovation TV, The Violin Channel and American Public Media, meaning their weekly audience now reaches over 100,000 viewers!

Natalie’s Feature

In a 20-minute discussion with host Aaron Dworkin, Natalie covered a number of different topics unique to People’s, including our fight for free and accessible music education, as well as the central role that our students play in her work every day.

“In my home office there are literally pictures of students on the wall next to me… at my desk at work at times when I was in person. I always keep pictures of students so that, as I am making decisions, designing a theory test or I’m deciding on a speaker to bring in… I am literally keeping students front and center.”

Watch the full conversation below: