October Newsletter: Our Homework for the Year…

The new school year is officially underway! And yes, it does look a tad different from what we’re used to. Although we still mourn the loss of our fierce founder Rita Simó, as we remember her spirit, we find even more inspiration to move forward boldly into the school year.


From LA to Moscow… follow our students around the world ?

This year, 17 of our students traveled across the country – and the world – to represent People’s. From studying at the School of The New York Times to performing in some of the most renowned concert halls across Europe with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, we’ve spent this summer watching our students go after their wildest dreams.


In the Big Leagues: My Performance for the Chicago Cubs

The Hamels Foundation – led by Heidi Hamels and Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Cole Hamels – is holding their first-ever event in Chicago… and we’ll be celebrating with them as they extend their commitment to education to our great city! We are so honored to share that our students will be performing at their #FirstPitchGala … Continue reading In the Big Leagues: My Performance for the Chicago Cubs