Summer Ambassadors to Travel the Country and the World

Summer is here, and the music doesn't stop! 

Check out where our Summer Ambassadors are heading this summer to enrich their music education studies. These 25 star students are representing The People’s Music School all over the country – and the world – and we couldn’t be more proud!

Joaquin, SLAM, Violin

Freya, SLAM, Cello

Nallely, SLAM, Trumpet

Youssef, SLAM, Bass

Hudson, SLAM, Bassoon

Yeimi, SLAM, Violin

Audrey, SLAM, Trombone

Abigail, Greater South Side, Percussion

Adam, Back of The Yards, Cello

Alexander, Back of The Yards, Viola

Andre, Uptown Academy, Cello

Andrik, SLAM, Oboe

Ezana, Uptown Academy, Voice

George, SLAM, Trombone

Januel, Back of The Yards, Clarinet

Justin, Uptown Academy, Tenor Sax

Kennedy, Greater South Side, Trombone

Michal, SLAM, Sax 

Nathan, Back of The Yards, Trombone

Sofia, Back of The Yards, Clarinet

Sophie, Uptown Academy, Voice

Kevin, SLAM, Cello

Daniela, Uptown Academy, French Horn

Jada, Greater South Side, Clarinet

Andrik, SLAM, Oboe

Fernando, Albany Park, Clarinet

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