Rita’s Letter to the Community

Found in The People’s Music School’s storage unit: a letter from our founder, Dr. Rita Simó, dated June 1976, just four months after she opened the school. Much has changed since 1976, but the deep appreciation for our generous community of donors remains the same. 

Scroll to read the transcribed letter. 

The People’s Music School

1446 W Berteau

Chicago, Ill 60613

June 1976


Dear Friends, 

Many things are happening, the practice rooms are finished. The inside walls are covered with sound proof material and there is a rug on the floor so the sound is well controlled. 

A family from Des Plaines donated to me a French Horn, some music and a music stand. A woman from River Forest sent us a big package of beginners piano books, another woman from Oak Park gave me a big new rug, and a friend from Boston sent a package with many good records. To them all as well as to all of you, we want to say thank you for your support. 

As the enclosed flyer shows, we are having a flute and piano recital on Sunday June 13. If you are near by please come, we will be glad to see you. 


Rita Simó

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