2015 Chicago Youth in Music Festival Civic Week Recap

Each year, the the Negaunee Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra puts on the Chicago Youth in Music Festival, a celebration of young classical musicians from around Chicago. Our Youth Orchestras – Albany Park’s YOURS Orchestra had the opportunity to participate in Civic Week as a part of this festival, during which musicians from the Civic Orchestra spent a week working with our students. Jason Soto, one of our accomplished bassists, shared a bit about the experience:

Hi, my name is Jason Soto, I am 13 years old. I play the double bass in YOURS Orchestra at The People’s Music School, Youth Orchestras. I have been in the orchestra for 3 years. I love music because it speaks to me in a way that words cannot. I love orchestra because it gives me a chance to do something I love with other people and share that music with the world.

The People’s Music School gives me a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, play, and create music. I want to tell you about one of those opportunities like my experience in Civic Week. It was really cool. I got to play side by side with two bass players and get tips and advice that would help me become a better musician and maybe one day be in the Civic Orchestra like they are. They really helped me a lot in the music and how to play it. They gave me brand new perspectives on a lot of things that can help me play things easier and better. They changed my thinking on things like how articulations should be and how the bass and the low instruments fit into the orchestra. I am so excited to have had that opportunity. I will now listen and appreciate how important every instrument in the orchestra fits together perfectly like a puzzle and how if you’re missing one piece, the puzzle is incomplete.

I loved working with the Civic. It was fun, educational, interactive, and over all just AMAZING! It was an wonderful experience and I hope to work with them soon again one day. This was a spectacular once in a lifetime experience.

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