NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION occurs each spring. Due to high demand and limited program spaces, new student registration is conducted via enrollment lottery. Enrollment for the current school year is already filled, but you can let us know if you are interested in registering your child for the 2023 – 2024 school year. Please fill out the interest form linked below, and we will use the information you provide to contact you when registration opens for next year’s enrollment lottery.


Children are eligible for enrollment who live in the city of Chicago, are ages 5-18 and in grades K-12.

In order to be eligible, families must be not be able to afford music lessons otherwise. ($5,000 per year). 

To stay enrolled in the program from year to year, students must be in good withstanding with the school by:

  • Having excellent attendance and behavior
  • Passing their yearly assessments
  • Completing the service hour and fundraising requirement

2022-2023 Interest Form


New students interested in enrolling at TPMS for the 2022-2023 school year must apply during our spring registration period, which is April 25, 2022 – May 22, 2022. At the end of the registration period the names of eligible students will be entered into our enrollment lottery. To register your child a parent/guardian must:

1. Fill out the online registration form. Forms will be made available April 25, 2022.
2. Complete and submit a separate registration form for each child you would like to enter into our enrollment lottery.
3. Provide us with the email address of a parent/guardian which can be used to contact you in the case your child wins a spot through our enrollment lottery.

Your child does not need to know how to read music or sing/play an instrument to enroll at TPMS.

Children are eligible for enrollment who live in the city of Chicago, are ages 5 -18, and in grades K – 12. The number of open enrollment spaces for each age vary from year to year.

We select our students through a lottery drawing, and a separate drawing will be held for each program site. The lottery drawing is closed to the public, but it will be made available on the TPMS Facebook page afterwards. Students who are not selected for enrollment through the lottery drawing will be placed on a waiting list.

The parent/guardian of children who are selected in the lottery drawing will be notified by phone/email/text by June 1st. Waiting list students will only be contacted if spaces become available during the school year.

Once you are notified that your child has been selected to enroll in our program, you and your child will be required to attend an orientation session (date to be announced) and submit supplementary enrollment documentation. Should you or another family representative be unable to attend this meeting or not submit required enrollment documentation on time, you will forfeit your child’s spot for enrollment and a waiting list applicant will be contacted to take his/her space.

TPMS has instruments and other necessary equipment and supplies necessary to play them. Once a parent/guardian signs an Instrument Loan Contract we are happy to loan an instrument to your child at no cost. You can also choose to rent/purchase your own instrument for your child to use, and we can help you find a local store where you can do this.

We currently offer instruction in voice, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion. The instruments available for students to study will vary from year to year and depend upon the program site a student attends. Our faculty and staff will assist your child with finding the instrument that is the best fit for them based upon their age, physical size, and interests.

Classes at TPMS typically begin in mid-September and run through early June. Your child will be assigned to specific class days and times based upon their instrument, age, and ability level. Please note that the schedule will not be adjusted to accommodate other activities in which your child is involved. Class schedules for the upcoming school year will be provided to families by September 1st.

TPMS is an intensive musical program that requires your child’s attendance at musicianship classes, ensemble rehearsals, and instrumental lessons. In order to remain a student in our program your child must:

  • Be on time to classes/rehearsals and have regular attendance
  • Pass theory exams
  • Progress to the next level through instrument juries and teacher evaluations

We require the following from our parents:
– Completion of 4 service hours every semester, for each child enrolled
– Participation in all fundraising for the school
– Support and encouragement of your child’s musical progress
– Compliance with all The People’s Music School policies and requirements

If you would like more information about enrolling your child at TPMS, please contact:

Kelly Dennis, Sr. Manager of Student & Family Services



Apply using this link by May 22 to be entered in the enrollment lottery.

2022-2023 Registration Information

The People’s Music School (TPMS) has provided  tuition-free, after school instruction to thousands of Chicagoland children over the last 45 years. Below please see the details for our 2022-2023 registration process. Eligibility Information

To learn more about our programs, click here.


New Students:

  • April 25: New Student Registration Opens: Registration Form
  • May 22: New Student Registration Closes
  • May 26: Lottery held
  • May 27: Lottery Acceptances Sent
  • May 31: All students required to confirm their enrollment 

Sibling Registration: (siblings of current TPMS students only)

  • April 18: Sibling Registration Opens
  • April 29: Sibling Registration Closes
  • May 2: Sibling Registration Acceptances sent

SLAM Registration 

 https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82667066339 / Passcode: SLAM

  • May 1: SLAM Application Closes
  • May 15-21: SLAM Auditions as part of regular TPMS Juries
  • June 4: SLAM Acceptances sent


The People’s Music School selects new students through a lottery drawing, which will be held on May 26 and shared on our Facebook page. The number of available spots per age and site varies from year to year. Students who are not selected for enrollment through the lottery drawing will automatically be placed on our waiting list. Interested families must submit a registration form before May 22 to be considered for the drawing. The registration form to apply will be made available to the public on April 25.

All families will be notified by phone/email/text by June 1. To confirm your child’s enrollment, you are required to attend an orientation session (date to be announced) and submit supplementary enrollment documentation. Families will receive an invitation to the orientation if their child is selected in the lottery. 

More details about the process of registering a new student at TPMS can be found in this Registration Frequently Asked Questions document. If you would like to speak to someone about enrolling your child at TPMS, please contact: 

Kelly Dennis, Sr. Manager of Student & Family Services




Siblings of current students are eligible to apply for sibling registration. Siblings will be chosen first for any spaces which are available for new students. The number of slots for new students at each age range vary from year to year. 

Parents must complete the Sibling Registration form for each sibling they would like to enroll. Sibling Registration forms received after April 29 will not receive preference and will be entered into the lottery on May 26. 

Students selected for Sibling Registration will be contacted by May 2. 

CURRENT STUDENTS who meet all program requirements will automatically be re-enrolled for the next school year unless they inform their Program Manager that they will not be returning in the Fall. 


SLAM (Service, Leadership, and Mentorship) is The People’s Music School’s high school honors program. At SLAM, students have the opportunity to be challenged through more advanced solo and ensemble playing. They learn the importance of SERVICE through unique performance and volunteer opportunities, develop  LEADERSHIP skills by being ambassadors for the TPMS community and provide and receive MENTORSHIP that will help them become the next generation of citizen artists. 

SLAM is a competitive program that requires commitment to Saturdays. Current TPMS students interested in joining SLAM should complete the following steps: 

  • Complete a SLAM Application between April 1st – May 1st 
  • Request your instrumental teacher AND site program manager to complete this Recommendation Form
  • Attend the Virtual SLAM Open House on April 19th 
  • Perform the following audition repertoire during your regular TPMS jury:
    • Two contrasting pieces
    • One major and one minor scale 

(Audition recordings reviewed by current SLAM faculty and staff)

Accepted students will be notified on June 4th as part of our annual Performapaloozathon celebration, with the deadline to confirm participation by June 11th. 

Auditions for students outside of TPMS will be by invitation only in May 2022. 

If you are a partner organization or local high school with students who may be a good fit for the SLAM Program, please reach out to david.sands@peoplesmusicschool.org to schedule an information session. 

The People’s Music School (TPMS) ha brindado clases gratuitas después de la escuela a miles de niños en el área de Chicago en los últimos 45 años. Vea por favor a continuación los detalles para nuestro proceso de inscripción para el año 2022-2023. Información de elegibilidad

Para más información sobre los programas de click aquí


Estudiantes de nuevo ingreso:

  • 25 de abril: Se abren inscripciones para estudiantes de nuevo ingreso: Formulario de inscripción
  • 22 de mayo: Se cierran inscripciones para estudiantes de nuevo ingreso.
  • 26 de mayo: Día de nuestra lotería
  • 27 de mayo: Se envían las aceptaciones de la lotería
  • 31 de mayo: Todos los estudiantes necesitan confirmar su inscripción 

Inscripción para hermanos: (hermanos de estudiantes actuales de TPMS solamente)

  • 18 de abril: Se abren inscripciones para hermanos
  • 29 de abril: Se cierran inscripciones para hermanos
  • 2 de mayo: Se envían las aceptaciones de inscripción de hermanos

Inscripción para SLAM:

  • 1 de abril: Se abren aplicaciones para SLAM
  • 19 de abril: Open House Virtual de SLAM 

https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82667066339 / Clave: SLAM

  • 1 de mayo: Se cierran aplicaciones para SLAM
  • 15-21 de mayo: Audiciones de SLAM como parte de Jurados regulares de TPMS
  • 4 de junio: Se envían aceptaciones de SLAM


The People’s Music School selecciona nuevos alumnos a través de un sorteo de lotería, que se realizará el 26 de mayo y se compartirá en nuestra página de Facebook. El número de lugares disponibles por edad y sitio varía cada año. Los estudiantes que no sean seleccionados para la inscripción a través del sorteo serán colocados automáticamente en nuestra lista de espera. Las familias interesadas deben enviar un formulario de inscripción antes del 22 de mayo para ser consideradas para el sorteo. El formulario de inscripción para aplicar estará disponible al público el 25 de abril.

Todas las familias serán notificadas por teléfono/correo electrónico/mensaje de texto antes del 1 de junio. Para confirmar la inscripción de su hijo(a), usted deberá asistir a una sesión de orientación (fecha por anunciar) y enviar documentación de inscripción complementaria. Las familias recibirán una invitación a la orientación si su hijo es seleccionado en la lotería.

Puede encontrar más detalles sobre el proceso de inscripción en TPMS para estudiantes de nuevo ingreso en este documento de Preguntas Frecuentes de Inscripción. Si desea hablar con alguien sobre la inscripción de su hijo en TPMS, comuníquese con:

Kelly Dennis, Gerente Principal de Servicios de Estudiantes y Familias




Los hermanos de los estudiantes actuales son elegibles para solicitar una inscripción de hermanos. Los hermanos serán elegidos primero para cualquier espacio que esté disponible para nuevos estudiantes. El número de espacios para estudiantes de nuevo ingreso en cada rango de edad varía año con año.

Los padres deben completar el formulario de inscripción de hermanos para cada hermano que deseen inscribir. Los formularios de inscripción de hermanos recibidos después del 29 de abril no recibirán preferencia y se ingresarán en la lotería el 26 de mayo.

Los estudiantes seleccionados para la inscripción de hermanos serán contactados antes del 2 de mayo.

ESTUDIANTES ACTUALES que cumplan con todos los requisitos del programa serán re-inscritos automáticamente para el próximo año escolar a menos que informen a su Gerente del Programa que no regresarán en el semestre de otoño.


SLAM (Servicio, Liderazgo y Tutoría) por sus siglas en inglés, es el programa de honor de estudiantes de 9no grado en adelante de The People’s Music School. En SLAM, los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de ser desafiados a través de tocar solos y en conjuntos más avanzados. Aprenden la importancia del SERVICIO a través de un desempeño único y oportunidades de voluntariado, desarrollan habilidades de LIDERAZGO al ser embajadores de la comunidad de TPMS y brindan y reciben TUTORÍA que los ayudará a convertirse en la próxima generación de artistas ciudadanos.

SLAM es un programa competitivo que requiere compromiso los sábados. Los estudiantes actuales de TPMS interesados ​​​​en unirse a SLAM deben completar los siguientes pasos:

  • Completar una Aplicación de SLAM entre el 1ro de abril al 1ro de mayo.
  • Pedir a su maestro de instrumento Y a su Gerente del Programa completar este Formulario de Recomendación
  • Asistir a la Open House Virtual de SLAM el 19 de abril  
  • Ejecutar el siguiente repertorio de audición durante los jurados regulares de TPMS:
    • Dos piezas contrastantes
    • Una escala mayor y una escala menor 

(Las grabaciones de audición serán examinadas por maestros y personal de SLAM actual)

Los estudiantes aceptados serán informados el 4 de junio como parte de nuestra celebración anual, Performapaloozathon, con la fecha límite del 11 de junio para confirmar su participación.

Audiciones para estudiantes fuera de TPMS serán solamente por medio de invitación en mayo del 2022. 
Si usted es una organización asociada o escuela local con estudiantes que pueden ser ideales para el programa de SLAM, por favor comuníquese con david.sands@peoplesmusicschool.org  para agendar una sesión de orientación.