The Heart of our Community – Parent Volunteers!

Our strong community is the key to our success. Because we are 100% tuition-free, we rely on the support of donors, partners, friends and families to help us maintain low administrative costs. And at the heart of this volunteer community — PARENTS! 

Did you know…

  • For a child to enroll at TPMS, parents commit to volunteering 8 hours per semester per child. That’s over 10,000 volunteer hours a year! 
  • Parents contribute in a myriad of ways: security, fundraising, electrical work, office help, painting – even tuckpointing! 
  • Our parent volunteer time equates to nearly 20 full-time jobs annually – and we are beyond grateful for their support.

Check out a few recent rock star parents in action:

Ana Soto is mom to Jason and Julia, Albany Park Youth Orchestra students. Ana got to know our program, students, and families well through lots of extra volunteer hours – and is now our YO program coordinator, helping staff and teachers with all administrative details.

At our newly launched Back of the Yards Youth Orchestra, Mr. Panfilo, (dad to violin student, Shelia) built a set of custom shelves to house our students’ instruments. And it’s on wheels!


Student safety during program hours is a top priority. Parents provide security by working check-in at all program sites, ensuring only students, teachers and their families are admitted. Recently, Chicago police officer and TPMS dad Mr. Madrigal helped us install new security camera at the Uptown Academy, and continues to serve as our security advisor. Pictured below is TPMS dad Michael Polsky (dad to students Emmet and Omar) spending an evening as security patrol outside the Uptown Academy.

TPMS parents provide invaluable support, guidance and partnership as we bring access to music to more of Chicago’s kids. We truly cannot thank them enough! 

This June, TPMS will kick off our 40th anniversary with our biggest program event of the school year: PERFORMAPALOOZATHON! This event is truly the culmination of a full year of hard work on behalf of students, teachers, parents, supporters and staff. TPMS parents come together to help students fundraise, arrange food and entertainment, and execute day-of logistics. Join us for a fun-filled day of performances, featuring over 500 TPMS students – meet a few of our amazing parents, and their hardworking musicians!  

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