What do these famous people have in common?

MUSIC! We know that studying music as a child helps develop skills that translate to all areas of life. Read on to see how a foundation in music helped these world leaders, athletes, scientists and cultural icons achieve success and fame.

Jimmy Chamberlin

Jimmy, former drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins and current producer, is our honoree for TPMS’s 40th Birthday Bash! He has pursued philanthropic ventures to broaden the breadth and reach of music. Can’t wait to see him on November 4th? Click here for more info about Jimmy and here to check out his one-of-a-kind percussive abilities!

Condoleezza Rice

A child prodigy, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could read music before she could read books, and could have been a concert pianist – but she opted instead for geopolitics! Find out more about Condoleezza and her musical background.

Neil Armstrong

Jerre Maxon on Neil: “Neil was a very good musician. He had a strong driving after beat and really kept us going. He sure loved music. He said music contributed to ‘thought control,’ and he always tried to improve his playing.” Discover more about the man who walked the moon, and how music was a part of his life!

Fred “Mr. Rogers” Rogers

“My first love is music. It is a unique way for me to express who I am and what I am feeling. Music was always my way of saying who I was and how I felt. I was always able to cry or laugh or say I was angry through the tips of my fingers on the piano.” Mr. Rogers legacy continues to inspire people!

Esther Lederberg

A pioneer in genetics, Lederberg was intensely involved in the study and practice of Early Music. She had always wanted to play the flute, but picked up a recorder on a whim and immediately fell in love. “You can begin anytime, even though it takes a lifetime to be good.” Curious about science? See what motivated Esther!

Drew Gooden

When he was a young kid, Drew took piano lessons and developed a lifelong passion for it. He has now emerged as a star on the basketball court, proving that athletes also have musical backgrounds!

Justin Tucker

“It takes a level of technicality to kick a football, and the same is true of music, there is a composure that’s required and a confidence that comes with preparation.” Justin’s music skills translate on and off the field; find out more!

Frank Lloyd Wright

“If I hadn’t been so busy being a famous architect, I would have been a famous pianist.” Frank Lloyd Wright believed music and design were instruments to create harmony in his life. Check out Wright’s work throughout Chicagoland!

Albert Einstein

“Life without playing music is inconceivable for me, I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music…I get most joy in life out of music.” See how Einstein embraced music in his life.

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