A Note from Jennifer Kim Matsuzawa, President & Artistic Director

Jennifer Kim MatsuzawaGreetings! I am thrilled to work with our dedicated and talented staff and faculty to serve the community of The People’s Music School.

We believe that music transforms lives in ways both concrete and magical. We also believe that excellence achieved through music translates into excellence in other areas of life. We are devoted to delivering on this promise of music.

Like many of you, I am passionate about this because I have experienced the benefits of music in my own life. Music enabled me to succeed in new and different environments, anchored me during times of great personal challenge, and provided me with a language to understand life. Pursuing music goes beyond learning a scale, an etude, a concerto. It goes beyond staying out of trouble and doing well in school. It is about shaping excellent, broad-minded, full-hearted individuals full of grit and creativity to contribute to the world over entire lifetimes.

The People’s Music School is built on an almost impossibly pure mission – to increase access to the benefits of music through free quality music education. For nearly 40 years, Rita Simó has worked tirelessly to build this incredibly special place. And with her continuing guidance, I believe the best days of the school are still to come.

Thank you all for your unique contributions to our community – as students, as families, as volunteers, as teachers, as supporters, as partners. Together we will do amazing things. We will be the proof points of our mission. And we need you now more than ever, to build the future of our school.

​Stay connected, reach out about volunteer opportunities, contribute to our efforts in any and all ways. Your impact will matter.​


Jennifer Kim Matsuzawa

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