Alumni Spotlight: Christian L.

From practicing medicine to organizing, from Chicago to Morocco, TPMS Alumni can be found doing interesting things all over the world. In the first installment of our Alumni Spotlight series, meet Christian: a software developer, violinist, and student at Northwestern University.

TPMS: How many years were you in TPMS?

Christian: I studied with TPMS for 12 years.

TPMS: What instrument did you play at TPMS?

Christian: Violin.

TPMS: How did TPMS impact you?

Christian: TPMS provided me with opportunities that extended to more than music. I was able to perform at the Chicago Symphony Center and with the Piano Guys, which were exciting and definitely memorable. However, I was also exposed to mentorship from professionals with different career paths and received personal development advice from teachers, staff, and the TPMS community. With this well rounded background, I felt prepared for any challenges headed my way – whether it was academic, professional, or personal.

TPMS: What are you doing now?

Christian: I’m a Junior at Northwestern University studying Computer Science. Apart from school, I’m also a Software Developer Intern at a startup called Sorc’d based out of 1871. In my free time, I enjoy taking portrait photography and playing guitar or violin.

TPMS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Christian: After college I’m hoping to enter a software engineering role somewhere in Chicago or San Francisco. I’m super interested in startups and I’d love to work somewhere where I can make an impact on the company. Afterwards, I’m hoping to launch my own company.

Look out for more installments of our Alumni Spotlight series!


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