Learning the Inter-workings of TPMS: Christian’s Summer Internship Experience

I never thought I’d get to use the phrase “Man, ten years ago…” It makes me feel old and realize that so much time has passed. Well, ten years ago is when I first joined the People’s Music School community. I remember my first experience at People’s: imagine a small, Asian boy walking in with his kid-sized violin only to find out he showed up on the wrong day for the wrong class. I started to walk out with a frown, disappointed that I didn’t get to have my first lesson. However, as I walked out, I saw Lilly, one of the cornerstones of the music school, smile and say “It’s okay! See you next week!”

Every week after that was a blast – I’d have a private lesson with some of the most enthusiastic teachers and hang out with students and friends that have come and gone throughout the years. Week after week I would come in and see the enthusiastic faces of a staff ready to impact the lives of their students. And although the faces of the staff have changed in the span of a decade, they still have the same enthusiasm and drive. During my internship this summer, I got to see where this passion comes from and how the gears have been turning at People’s.

Although the staff is small, I was able to understand how the music school was experiencing so much growth: the group has a vast array of professional experiences while maintaining the energy of people in their 20s (Jen even looks like she’s 20). Combining both of these attributes creates an environment that is both hard working and welcoming. The staff really embodies what it means to be a “team.” As an intern, I was quickly integrated into various projects. I loved having to do something different every time I came in to work. From organizing files and documents to seeing where the flow of money for the music school comes from, it’s never a dull day. In comparison from 10 years ago when I was receiving lessons to now, when I get to see the inner workings of the music school, I would say that I had a second revelation of just how amazing the People’s Music School is.

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