Talking Music Tech + Innovation with WGN Radio

Hear a familiar voice on your car radio or WGN stream yesterday? Wintrust Business Lunch host Steve Bertrand was chatting with Jennifer about The People’s Music School’s tech pilots!

“To really get the benefits from music takes a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of resources,” Jennifer said in the interview. “We are trying to do something to break down the barriers to that.”

ICYMI, Jennifer shared one example: students learning basic notes and rhythms – the “rote” element of music instruction – through technology so that one-on-one time with our incredible teachers can be spent on musicality and interpretation: the magic of music. That’s our goal: students get to the magic faster and more effectively.

“There are tools being used in every industry out there, even in broader education, that have not yet been truly piloted and scaled in a music education setting.” Jennifer said. “And that’s what we’re excited to do.”

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