To the Families of The People’s Music School

To the families of The People’s Music School,

It is such a joy to meet all of you! In my first week as President and Chief Executive Officer, I wanted to introduce myself and to share how grateful I am that you are all part of the People’s family. Over the past year of visiting our programs across the city, it has always thrilled me to hear our students hard at work. We can’t wait to see their performances at this month’s Winter Concerts! I myself took piano lessons from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. My parents always pushed me to stick with it, and today, I am so glad they understood how much I would value that musical foundation. From my own experience, and from being a parent myself, I understand some of the challenges you overcome in committing to your children’s music education. Thank you for that commitment.

To those of you who have been with us for many years, sharing the joy of watching your children grow as musicians and as people: Your continued commitment to People’s indicates how much you have already devoted to your children’s music education, in hours of classes, practice, and performances, and the labor of making intensive music instruction for your children a high priority in your family’s already busy life.

To those of you who joined us this year: Thank you for your faith in us, and welcome to the band! We could not be more excited for what is in store for your children and your whole family. Hopefully over the course of this semester, you have already seen that your child is at the start of a beautiful, multi-year journey, building lifelong skills and relationships through the power of music instruction.

People’s has always been more than a music school. Music education transforms lives, heals hearts, builds community, strengthens resilience, and sharpens mental agility. We believe that’s why you’re here: You understand that the benefits your children will receive from their time at People’s include but also go far beyond music. You know that the work your children put in now – in hours practiced, frustrations pushed through, triumphs achieved – will pay off significantly far into the future.

So whether you are in your first Winter Concert season with us or your tenth, we encourage you to celebrate this semester of growth with your children and with our broader People’s community. Come to the concerts, meet and deepen connections with other families, and come say hello to me and the rest of the People’s staff – look for us in the black People’s logo t-shirts. We can’t wait for your children to show you what they’ve learned.

In service and gratitude,

Miriam Owens

President and Chief Executive Officer

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